Lunacy Now is your compass to help navigate a world in flux. Our online magazine explores how the intersection of culture and technology impacts your life. Taking a holistic perspective on emerging trends, we connect you with real alternatives to help you thrive.  

We do not wish to tell you which way to go. We want to empower you to get there.

Getting Around The Site

Lunacy Now has four sections. Each relates to different way of engaging with the world. The first is personal, the second social, the third structural, and the fourth metaphysical. At every level the writing is geared towards how ordinary people can take action. 


Future Lyfe: All things practical futurism. Assessing how emerging tech might benefit you, automation, 3D-printing, sustainable living, self-directed education, and alternative currencies. 

Culture Wars: You and society. We talk identity in an age of transformation, group-dynamics, memesis, culture, social-norms, urbanism, religion and relationships.

Post-State: Formal administrative structures. Examining Charter Cities, cybernations, micronations, sub-national organizations, digital nomads, and supranational entities.

Philosophy: Mindset & metaphysics. Charting how mindset impacts life, what civilization means, and constructing your own worldview.


We strive to be an information hub for practical ways to build the future you want. If you have questions, comments or concerns don’t hesitate to get in touch using our contact page.